LA – Let’s start again

Note: This is a shorter version of the long article I just wrote in German. Have a look there if you want more details :-).

Santiago – Atlanta – Los Angeles

After the adventure South America, I had to fly first to Atlanta and from there to Los Angeles. Luckily, my friend Mari helped me to transport my bike and the luggage to the airport on Sunday where I left it in storage for 24 hours. Muchas gracias, Mari! It would have been very difficult to transport it by metro and bus. On Monday, I finally went to the airport again and checked in. Everything went well and payed 150 USD for the bike at Delta. This was average, I think.

The journey itself was pretty uneventful except that the guy just behind me got unconscious shortly after start. Luckily he came back shortly after and stayed ok for the rest of the flight.

Immigration in Atlanta went smooth and I got the permit for 6 months (thanks to the Visa I already had). Unfortunately, my bike didn’t arrive at first and I had to claim it once I arrived in LA. It got delivered the same night at 1.30am to the place I stayed (Thank you Sarah and David for letting us stay at your place and the great time!). I rented a car in LA and also picked up Ines, my travel companion here, in the evening at the airport.

During the next few days, we went shopping some missing parts for our journey and built together our bikes.

Los Angeles – Malibu – Ventura – Santa Barbara (El Capitan) – Lompoc – Santa Maria

On Saturday, we finally started biking again. First across Los Angeles (Thank you Eric and Tim for showing the path and helping out with good advices) and then along the coast. First the weather was very foggy and we didn’t really see that much. And also the traffic wasn’t that great (The 101 should definitively be avoided during night times…). However, both got better the further away we got from LA.

We finally reached Santa Maria and stayed here for two days in a motel. This also for letting Ines knee getting a bit better again. It doesn’t like cycling so much so far.

We will keep going on Friday towards north. Our already adjusted plan is to follow the coast up to Monterrey and the cross the valley towards Yosemite park. Will see if that works out. Somewhere in May, we should reach San Francisco finally.

All the best from California,


About Stefan

I'm a telecommunication engineer by profession and like to discover the world by bike. I think, that it is the perfect speed to move but still be in touch with the world and the people which live there. And I'm very happy, that my wife Susanna is joining me now on those adventures. If you are interested in other journeys we did so far, please also check my website Stefan, Switzerland

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8 thoughts on “LA – Let’s start again

  • David in LA

    Glad you made it out of Hell-A in one (two) pieces. Was nice to have you at the VDL. Come back anytime. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need any help and/or contacts up the coast.

    David and Sarah

    P.S.: Family of skunks (three babies) have moved in under the deck where you took a pic of your bike in a box, just after you left.

  • Marco

    Gute Fahrt weiterhin und nicht zu schnell, zwischen S.F und L.A. hats mich vor 1 Jahren geblitzt und die saftige Rechnung ist dann auch gekommen.. aber mit dem Rad nehmt ihrs ja gemütlich. In Moro Bay gibt’s gutes Essen direkt am Meer.

  • Mario

    Good job guys…Keep up the good work! I’ve been there and feel your pain…I had a bad knee along that route too, but a day layover should fix most pain with a fist full of Ibuprofen! 😉 Good luck on the rest of your journey!

  • Sandra

    Hallo Stefan,
    wau!!! du hast ja schon so viele km in den beinen und wundervolle eindrücke erleben könnne. ich konnte mir direkt vorstellen was dir durch den kopf gegangen sein muss als du diesen passagier regungslos im sitz gesehen hast. nun bist du unterwegs in meinem geliebten CA…genial. bei den fotos bekomme ich gerade heimweh…ich wünsche dir weiterhin viel spass auf dem Highway 1 und hoffe das wetter erlaubt es euch durch Yosemite Park zu fahren. du wirst die scenerie sicherlich geniessen und natürlich auch die steigungen lach. freue mich auf weitere schöne fotos und auf deine berichte. machs gut and take good care of yourself. big hug sandra

  • Urs

    Hallo Stefan,
    den Abstecher nach Calabasas habt ihr wohl verpasst 😉
    Das Fudi tut mir nur schon vom Lesen weh, ich denke aber es wird schon recht gut durchgegerbt sein.
    Ich hoffe ihr sammelt noch viele schöne Eindrücke – nicht am Fudi 😉
    Gruss Urs

  • Stefan Post author

    Vielen Dank Euch allen für Eure Kommentare! Es ist schön von Euch zu hören. Thank you very much for all your comments! It’s nice to hear from you.