Summary: Japan and Queensland (Australia)

Some time has already passed since my last update… However, I love to look back and travel again in my thoughts… Come with me, please.

I’ve reached Alaska in September 2012 but it was too early for me to get back home already. Therefor, I kept going to the west to a country which I didn’t know that much about.

I’ve not been in a country that often, where I didn’t understand the language at all and also couldn’t read the signs. Somehow it worked anyway. Also thanks to the help of the friendly Japanese people.

Golden Pavilion in KyotoFrom Tokyo I passed by Mount Fuji (where I weathered a tropical storm) and continued high up into the Japanese Alps to Kamikochi. Unfortunately it ended there because of the seasonal (winter) close of a mountain pass. Therefore I had to turn around and drove along a different road to Kyoto, one of the cultural centers of Japan.

SakurajimaAfter a short visit to Hiroshima (by Shinkansen), I took the ferry from Osaka to Kyushu, slept at the base of the Sakurajima volcano in a concrete tube, passed the Kirishima volcano (unfortunately the area was still closed), visited the Unzen volcano and ended up at one of the best if not the best hostel so far at Aso volcano. I finally enjoyed a Japanese bath (Onsen) and because it was so great, I visited even some more. I finished my cycling in Fukuoka and after a stop in Osaka, I made it to Aussie country. That fast can 6 weeks pass if you are on a bike.

Australia – Queensland
Crocodile EyeBefore I started my cycling journey, I checked about what interesting things could be happening during this year. There I saw, that a total solar eclipse will be visible in Australia. I didn’t really plan around it but the date fitted pretty well. Therefor, I first flew from Japan to Cairns in the north east of Australia. With me in the plane were several Japanese people which were very eager to see that event. I didn’t really know where I should gaze the show but decided at the end for Cairns. That wasn’t the best decision, because on the big day I had a big fat cloud just in front of the sun. Oh well, another time again.

I was already in Queensland and took the chance to discover the area a bit on four wheels and to do my first diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Finally I had to say goodby. My next destination was already waiting: New Zealand.

More about that soon or already now in the entries from that time.

All the best,


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