Chile/Argentina 2012

Summary: Chile and Argentina

Already half a year has passed since I returned to Switzerland and I also have started working again. However, the journey is still pretty fresh in my mind and I’m therefor happy to look back. For making this text not too long, I will cut this summary into a few parts. First, we will return to South America. Carretera Austral and a lot moreThis journey started there, where my last one ended: In Santiago de Chile. From there, I drove […]

Michu - Carretera Austral

Bye, Bye South America, for now

After we arrived in Santiago, I wasn’t sure if I should go north to San Pedro de Atacama or if should go back South and hope on an eruption of volcano Llaima. However, because the volcano didn’t move at all, I decided to take the bus (23 hours) to the Atacama region. I planned initially to travel north from Santiago and I would have crossed this region on the way. This didn’t work out unfortunately but I now still got […]

Around volcano Llaima

Now we are already on the way to Santiago de Chile (by bus) und we are done with cycling for now. Michu will travel around with his family for the next few weeks and afterwards continuing towards north. I will go to Los Angeles mid of April and cycling north from there. But first we had a little problem with a volcano… Melipeuco – Conguillo – Curacautin Volcano Llaima was on alert level yellow, which meant that an eruption can […]

Entre Lagos – Villarrica – Melipeuco

We are already on the way to the volcano Llaima. Time is running! What happened so far: Entre Lagos – Puyehue We were on the way to Argentina and would pass bye the active volcano Puyehue. I wanted to visit it but it seemed that this wouldnt be that easy. I didnt really think about this anymore. Therefore it was a very nice surprise as it got possible on the camping in the Parque Puyehue. Read the report about this […]

Expedicion Puyehue

Michu and myself were looking for a place to stay over night and stopped therefor at the camping Anticura of Parque Puyehue. Gonzalo, one of the employees there, registered us for the camping but also showed us pictures from a tour he recently made to the active volcano Puyehue Cordon Caulle. Michu and I were both (yes, both!) very interested in doing such a tour as well. And because it would cost for 2 days only USD 130.-/person was the […]