Japan 2012

Summary: Japan and Queensland (Australia)

Some time has already passed since my last update… However, I love to look back and travel again in my thoughts… Come with me, please. I’ve reached Alaska in September 2012 but it was too early for me to get back home already. Therefor, I kept going to the west to a country which I didn’t know that much about. Japan I’ve not been in a country that often, where I didn’t understand the language at all and also couldn’t […]


Japan: Impressions and Conclusion

My journey across Japan is already history and I’m sweating in the heat and humidity of Cairns in Queensland in Australia in the mean time. How were those six weeks in Japan? Is it worth to cycle across Japan? Following my personal conclusions about all that. And before I start I would like to add this: Japan is by far too complicated to really understand it after such a short time… Impressions and conclusions Japan is definitively different. It was […]

Volcanoes Part 2: Unzen & Aso

I reached Fukuoka in the mean time. And that means I also reached the end of cycling in Japan. This after more than 1’650km in Japan which brings me to a total of around 9’600km. So the 10’000km mark is getting close :-). Now I just have to box my bicycle before flying to Osaka and a few days later further to Australia. However, also the last few days cycling in Japan were interesting but read yourself. Unzen I almost […]

Volcanoes Part 1: Sakurajima & Kirishima

My cycling journey in Japan is slowly moving towards its end. However, I still have a few days left but the bike gets back into its box in Fukuoka. There it will probably stay till New Zealand. Before, I visited the volcanoes of Kyushu. Here is part one of this tour. Osaka – Shibushi After arriving in Osaka, I enjoyed the city for two days and prepared myself for the last part of the journey in Japan: Kyushu, the most […]

Kamikochi, Kyoto, Hiroshima

I’m already almost on the ferry from Osaka down to Kyushu. But before, I planned to cycle across the Japanese Alps. That didn’t work out as though. Matsumoto – Kamikochi – Matsumoto As written in the last blog entry, I’ve heard from other cyclists, that the tunnel to Kamikochi isn’t that fun. So I was a bit nervous about what would come. After leaving Matsumoto, I first drove across the valley. It was pretty easy except the traffic lights, which […]

Hot and windy: Tokyo – Fuji – Matsumoto

It worked out with visiting the fish market. However, we were not able to visit the auction because it was already sold out. All tickets (120 per day) were already gone at 6am… Nevertheless, it was interesting and we saw a lot even if not everything was very nice to see except if you also like to visit a slaughter house… My plan was originally to be back on the road at the same day. However, in the evening before, […]