Volcanoes Part 2: Unzen & Aso

I reached Fukuoka in the mean time. And that means I also reached the end of cycling in Japan. This after more than 1’650km in Japan which brings me to a total of around 9’600km. So the 10’000km mark is getting close :-). Now I just have to box my bicycle before flying to Osaka and a few days later further to Australia. However, also the last few days cycling in Japan were interesting but read yourself. Unzen I almost […]

Volcanoes Part 1: Sakurajima & Kirishima

My cycling journey in Japan is slowly moving towards its end. However, I still have a few days left but the bike gets back into its box in Fukuoka. There it will probably stay till New Zealand. Before, I visited the volcanoes of Kyushu. Here is part one of this tour. Osaka – Shibushi After arriving in Osaka, I enjoyed the city for two days and prepared myself for the last part of the journey in Japan: Kyushu, the most […]