North Island

Cape Reinga and back

After 4’700km, my cycling journey in New Zealand is finally coming to an end. However, also the last few hundred kilometer included all what New Zealand has to offer: sun, rain and storm: boat rides and seals. Next destination is the South of Australia. What I will do there is not yet exactly clear. We will see soon. Auckland After my smartphone and also my camera died, I had to organize an alternative. The smartphone was pretty easy. The camera […]

Ups and Downs: Wellington – Taranaki – Auckland

After the warmth of Vanuatu, I returned to New Zealand, where Fall has more or less arrived. I already made it back to Auckland after starting cycling again in Wellington in the mean time. The path to here wasn’t as straight forward as expected and there were some ups and downs. More about it now. Auckland – Wellington I took in the morning the bus (not the night bus this time…) back to Wellington after my return by plane to […]

Hot: Rotorua – Tongariro

Two weeks have passed again and I made it to Wellington already. Soon I will take the ferry to the South Island. So the North island is done for now. It was again a very interesting time (as you also can see in the length of this entry) but there is still a lot more to see. More will come maybe later :-). We will see. Hahei –  Whangamata After we stayed for another day in the hostel in Hahei […]

New Zealand: Auckland & Coromandel

Yes, I’m a wimp. When it was raining heavily the morning when I wanted to leave Hahei, I decided to stay for another night in the nice hostel. Also because the weather forecast for the rest of the day wasn’t really better. The good thing is: because of that, you get now  this blog entry, also if the English version is a bit delayed. It’s about the first few days in New Zealand and includes also a small adventure :-). […]