South Island

Not so wet We(s)t coast

The South Island is almost history (at least for the moment) and I will soon be on the way to a new adventure before New Zealand part two is following. However, more about this later. First I will have a look back about the last few weeks on the way up from Te Anau to the north end of the South Island of New Zealand. Tailwind and Adrenaline: Te Anau – Wanaka After Heinz and I arrived together in Te […]

Stormy: Christchurch – Cook – Te Anau

Time is running fast at the moment and I didn’t have the time to write a blog entry earlier unfortunately. However, here it is finally and it’s about the windy days from Christchurch along the Southern Alps down to Te Anau and Fjordland in the south of the South Island. Happy reading! Christchurch – Lake Tekapo After I cycled for a few days with the Dutch cyclist Femke to Christchurch – she flew to Auckland to discover the North Island […]

South Island: Wellington – Christchurch

I left Christchurch already in the mean time and I’m on the way towards south. However, a lot of stuff happened on the way to the biggest city of the South Island and I met several interesting people. You can read about all that and more in this blog entry. Enjoy! Tongariro – Wellington – Nelson
 For speeding up the journey a bit, I took the train from the Tongariro National Park to Wellington. The train because transportation of the […]