Santiago to Ushuaia by bike

The last things…

More than two weeks have already passed since I’m back in Switzerland. Somehow the journey is already far away. But somehow also not. Especially not, if I hear from the earthquakes which are still going on and the difficult situation a lot of people face. The support of all of us is still needed. Thank you for your support! I would like to tell you a last story from this journey. Because my bike box was too big to be […]

Earthquake Chile (Update)

I was very shocked and sad when I heard about the devastating earthquake in Chile on Saturday Morning. This only a bit more than a day after I have left Santiago. My thoughts are with the people in the region and I hope that the situation is getting a bit better soon. At the moment there still seem to be a lot of aftershocks and the death toll is raising fast, unfortunately. If you want to support the people in […]

Baiha Inutil, Tierra del Fuego Chile


I’m now since a few days in Ushuaia and it’s time for a conclusion about this bike adventure. What stays at the end are of course the positive things, which anyway are the majority. However, before I forget or block out the negative things, I’m writing them down here as well 😉 What I’m not going to miss Traffic During all this travelling time, mostly just by myself, I never had any security issues at all; except with traffic. From […]

Final Destiny: Tolhuim – Ushuaia

After more than 2’648km, I reached on Friday Ushuaia. This after a last time wild camping and a ride through a nice mountain landscape in sunny weather (Pictures will follow later on). So that’s it. It feels kind of strange that I’m not moving on tomorrow. Now I just have to figure out, how I bring my bike and trailer back to Switzerland. Suggestions for that are still very welcome. The cycling was somehow easier ;-). I will write an […]

Towards Ushuaia, Argentina