USA/Canada 2012

Summary: From Los Angeles till Alaska

After a great time in South America, I continued in North America. The infrastructure was definitely better but one or the other adventure was also waiting there. And for all this, we had around half a year. Pacific Coast Highway and Yosemite After my bicycle made it to LA as well, I continued with Ines, my travel companion on this part of the journey, towards north along the coast on the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway or Highway 1). On the […]

Alaska Marine Highway and Conclusions

I reached Seattle in the mean time and I’m preparing myself for Japan. However, before I take some conclusions here about the last few months, first a bit about the journey from Whittier (Alaska) to Seattle (Washington). Whittier – Bellingham – Seattle After a wonderful afternoon with Carl and Henry at sea, I spend a somehow cool night aboard the boat from Car. It was raining heavily again in the morning and it was still raining when I made it […]

Sun and storm: Cycling Kenai Peninsula

Time is running: More than five months ago, we started in Los Angeles and after close to 4’000 miles, the journey in Alaska comes slowly but surly to it’s end. However, before I will write a conclusion in the next blog post, first what we did the last two weeks. I will keep it a bit of short in the English version. For more details, please read the German version or use Google Translate. Anchorage – Homer After a few […]

Denali: Fairbanks – Anchorage

We reached Anchorage in the mean time and are cycling on the Kenai Peninsula. Our last few hundred miles in Alaska. Fairbanks – Denali
 With reaching Fairbanks, we could finally wash our clothes again, go grocery shopping and enjoy the other annemities of a bigger city. However, we didn’t really see that much of Fairbanks itself. But we got a great show in the night. A friendly neighbor on the campground asked us in the evening, if he should wake […]

Bear Country: Haines & Alaska Highway

It got a bit wilder and more more adventures, finally. Haines Highway: Haines – Haines Junction We were told, that there aren’t any reasonable shops for the next few hundred miles (which was not really true). We bought food for the next 7+ days therefor and our bikes were very heavy when we left Haines. It was cloudy but it was still partly sunny, when we drove along the Chilkat River. It went only slightly uphill, which was good after […]

A ferry tale: Port Hardy – Haines

After we reached Port Hardy at the end of Vancouver Island, the ferry traveling started. And this multiple times. Port Hardy – Prince Rupert The ferry to Prince Rupert would leave at 7.30 in the morning already and we were supposed to be there at 5.30. We were looking for a campground as close to the ferry terminal as possible therefor. However, we still had to get up at 4.30 and it was pitch dark at that time. We managed […]