Vanuatu 2013

Diving Santo & Efate – Vanuatu Part 3

I’m already back in New Zealand, where the second part of my cycling tour is waiting. However, I also spent the last few weeks on the islands of Vanuatu; in Espiritu Santo and Efate. The original plan was to also visit the volcanoes on the island of Ambrym but that didn’t work out unfortunately. Next time, I hope :-). Santo – A wet start
 After having some wonderful days in Tanna, we took the plane to Port Vila on Efate […]

Tanna and Yasur – Vanuatu part 2

After being told, that I should write a blog entry again, I’m glad to deliver this one :-). I’m still having holidays from cycling in Vanuatu. However, that doesn’t mean I was just sitting around the whole time. However, life has definitively slowed down… A special experience under water After finishing my two diving trainings successfully, I planned to had three normal dives for pure pleasure. However, that was of course not possible. For the first dive, I reduced the […]

Holidays from the bicycle: Vanuatu part 1

After cycling several thousand kilometers (also miles), I continued for a while without my bicycle. By bus from Wellington to Auckland and further by plane to Vanuatu. Everything not very spectacular, you would guess but it was a bit different… And it continued with a interesting time under water in the tropics. Wellington – Auckland: The somehow different bus journey After a few days in Wellington (thank you Helen and flat mates for hosting me!), I took the night bus […]