Carretera Austral South

Because a lack of time, I have to keep the English updates kind of short. Sorry for that. If you understand German, have a look in the German part of this blog for more detailed information and/or send me a mail to in case of questions.
I finally reached the end of the Carretera Austral in Villa O’Higgins on the 14th of January and moved on to El Chalten in Argentina on the 16th.

Cochrane – Villa O’Higgins
For this part its important to know, that the last ATM till actually El Chalten is in Cochrane.
Credit cards are not accepted on the whole way. Also not for the border crossing boat trip (minimum costs 80 USD). So make sure that you get enough cash in either Cochrane or El Chalten! Food is available in Cochrane, Tortel and Villa O’Higgins. Also accommodation is very limited on this part and you are almost forced to camp somewhere wild.

Villa O’Higgins – El Chalten
Have a look on the website of the tour operater for detailed information. This trip is a bit hard but can be great if the weather is good. However, for the ones with a trailer or a lot of luggage, I recommend to get a horse (30 USD) for material transportation. It makes it much easier and you are able to enjoy the trip this way. The path is partly very narrow and you have to cross several smaller streams just on tree trunks. But its up to you at the end. There are some which did it also with a trailer completely by themself. Not me though. But I had at least a lot of fun :-).

El Chalten – El Calafate
Because of a lack of time, i did this part by bus (75 pesos per person + 25 pesos by bike). If you are planning to do that too, make sure to get your bus ticket as soon as possible because demand for them during high season (January/February) is very high. The same is true if you do not want to camp. Reserve in advance.

After visiting the glaciar Perito Moreno today, Im heading towards Torre del Paines on Wednesday.

All the best from El Calafate,

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