Because I’m using a very slow computer at the moment, only a short update for now.

After climbing the volcano Villarrica, I took the Bus to Puerto Montt. From there a cycled something like 20km to a nicely situated but completely empty campsite in Panitao. Like camping in the wild but with the advantage of a real toilett ;-).

Campsite in Panitao

On Friday I cycled further to the city of Ancud on the Chiloe island. And because I missed a crossroad, it added up to be a trip of more than 100km… So today is just a kind of lazy day to recover :-).

I’m planning to be on Chiloe for the next week and to take the ferry to Chaiten on Friday.

All the best from Ancud,

PS: Thank you for reading this and for your comments!

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I'm a telecommunication engineer by profession and like to discover the world by bike. I think, that it is the perfect speed to move but still be in touch with the world and the people which live there. And I'm very happy, that my wife Susanna is joining me now on those adventures. If you are interested in other journeys we did so far, please also check my website Stefan, Switzerland

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2 thoughts on “Chiloe

  • Rolf

    Moi Stefan,
    Ist ja voll der Hammer, was Du so alles erlebst, und erst noch unterhaltsam im Blog wiedergibst !

    Wünsche Dir auf dem nun kommenden Bike-Streckenteil wenig Schlaglöcher und dicke “Wädli” 😉

    gruass us am kalta zürich,

  • Bernhard Tremp

    Hallo Steff

    Allein auf dem Zeltplatz ! Pass auf das du dich nicht verlierst. Da hat man seine Ruhe. Und auf dem stillen Örtchen kann man dann auch etwas länger ! Viel Spass auf deiner Tour.
    Bei uns weht eine kalte Bise. Es ist gefroren. So wie es im Dezember eigentlich sein muss.

    Es grüsst