Lesson learned 1, 2 & 3

From time to time I will write under this title a few things which I learned during this trip and which are maybe also helpful for other ones to avoid to make the same mistakes :-).

Lesson learned 1:
Exchange before a longer trip all parts which are heavily used. And really all. Do not think that this one little thing will keep a bit longer. It won’t. It will fail on the first few kilometers (or miles) and frustrate you a lot. Believe me :-).

Lesson learned 2:
If your journey drives you over a lot of unpaved roads, fixate the screws of your bike with some kind of screw fixater. It seems to be available and is like a glue. Otherwise you will loose one after the other, especially the ones you really need.

Lesson learned 3:
Check your bike regularly. Best at every stop but at least ones a day. You won’t believe which parts can get loose. Eg the part which connects the wheel with the frame. And failures there can be the end of your journey.

All the best from Puyuhuapi,

About Stefan

I'm a telecommunication engineer by profession and like to discover the world by bike. I think, that it is the perfect speed to move but still be in touch with the world and the people which live there. And I'm very happy, that my wife Susanna is joining me now on those adventures. If you are interested in other journeys we did so far, please also check my website www.biketravel.net. Stefan, Switzerland

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2 thoughts on “Lesson learned 1, 2 & 3

  • beni

    Eigentlich erstaundlich, was alles schon passiert ist, va da Du doch schon die eine oder andere Velotour gemacht hast. Und zwar nicht nur auf asphalt… Aber da hattest du immer Begleitung. Aber es ist gut zu wissen, dass Du dieses Mal auch nicht allein bist, auch wenn Du zweifelslos auf Mr Murphy verzichten könntest.
    Brauchst Du irgendwelche Teile die ich Dir senden soll?

  • Stefan Kuettel Post author

    Es ist schon erstaunlich aber bis jetzt hatte ich immer einen Schutzengel, so dass ich das Problem immer gerade im letztmoeglichen Moment gesehen habe und schlimmeres vermeiden konnte. Habe heute auch noch die Schrauben gefunden. Secondhand.
    Deshalb danke fuer das Angebot aber ich bin im Moment wieder mit allem versorgt :-).
    Viele Gruesse,