Summary: From Los Angeles till Alaska

After a great time in South America, I continued in North America. The infrastructure was definitely better but one or the other adventure was also waiting there. And for all this, we had around half a year. Pacific Coast Highway and Yosemite After my bicycle made it to LA as well, I continued with Ines, my travel companion on this part of the journey, towards north along the coast on the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway or Highway 1). On the […]

OMG: BC – Yellowstone – Helens

After we gave our bicycles to REI for maintenance and got out rental car (we booked the smallest one available but still got one which was by far too big for us…), we drove towards north. We got the tip (thank you Eric!), that the North Cascades are worth a visit. Because they were on the way to some relatives of Ines in British Columbia (BC) in Canada, we took the chance and it was worth it. But first we […]