Summary: Japan and Queensland (Australia)

Some time has already passed since my last update… However, I love to look back and travel again in my thoughts… Come with me, please. I’ve reached Alaska in September 2012 but it was too early for me to get back home already. Therefor, I kept going to the west to a country which I didn’t know that much about. Japan I’ve not been in a country that often, where I didn’t understand the language at all and also couldn’t […]


Australia: Eclipse & Diving in Cairns

Those two weeks in Australia are almost over already and I will fly on Friday to the next big destination: New Zealand. I’m already looking forward to this cycling adventure since a while. And also the volcanoes there seem to get more active just in time :-). Nevertheless, it will also get at least 10˚C colder. However, also those two weeks in Queensland in Australia were very nice, if also a bit different than thought. But that is part of […]