Summary: Chile and Argentina

Already half a year has passed since I returned to Switzerland and I also have started working again. However, the journey is still pretty fresh in my mind and I’m therefor happy to look back. For making this text not too long, I will cut this summary into a few parts. First, we will return to South America. Carretera Austral and a lot moreThis journey started there, where my last one ended: In Santiago de Chile. From there, I drove […]

Michu - Carretera Austral

NAVIMAG and the first full 80km

After a sunny day in Puerto Varas, I drove down to Puerto Montt to take the NAVIMAG ferry. I tried again to avoid the highway but without success. It seems to be a curse… However, the guy at the control in Puerto Montt even opened the barrier for me. So probably I wasn’t completely wrong… At 10pm there was boarding and luckily my bike was accepted as normal luggage for the NAVIMAG ferry. So I didn’t have to pay extra […]


After a bit more than 900km in total, I finally reached Coyhaique on Silvestre Eve. Tired but happy. After I have done the first part of my journey more or less by myself, I was happy to meet some other cyclists in Junta. Sonia, Carlos und Diego). However, we did not really drive together because everybody has its own speed at cycling and some are sometimes a bit slower till they have all their stuff together in the morning, like […]