Summary: From Los Angeles till Alaska

After a great time in South America, I continued in North America. The infrastructure was definitely better but one or the other adventure was also waiting there. And for all this, we had around half a year. Pacific Coast Highway and Yosemite After my bicycle made it to LA as well, I continued with Ines, my travel companion on this part of the journey, towards north along the coast on the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway or Highway 1). On the […]

Denali: Fairbanks – Anchorage

We reached Anchorage in the mean time and are cycling on the Kenai Peninsula. Our last few hundred miles in Alaska. Fairbanks – Denali
 With reaching Fairbanks, we could finally wash our clothes again, go grocery shopping and enjoy the other annemities of a bigger city. However, we didn’t really see that much of Fairbanks itself. But we got a great show in the night. A friendly neighbor on the campground asked us in the evening, if he should wake […]