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A small adventure: Villa O’Higgins – El Chalten

For details about this crossing, please read the German version of this article or look at the tour operators website at In short: If you have a trailer or a lot of luggage, I recommend to take a horse for that. It’s not cheap (USD 30) but it gives you the possibility to really enjoy it. If you don’t like to spend the night in El Chalten on the campsite, make a reservation in a hostel. In high season […]

Carretera Austral South

Because a lack of time, I have to keep the English updates kind of short. Sorry for that. If you understand German, have a look in the German part of this blog for more detailed information and/or send me a mail to in case of questions. I finally reached the end of the Carretera Austral in Villa O’Higgins on the 14th of January and moved on to El Chalten in Argentina on the 16th. Cochrane – Villa O’Higgins For […]