Summary: From Los Angeles till Alaska

After a great time in South America, I continued in North America. The infrastructure was definitely better but one or the other adventure was also waiting there. And for all this, we had around half a year. Pacific Coast Highway and Yosemite After my bicycle made it to LA as well, I continued with Ines, my travel companion on this part of the journey, towards north along the coast on the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway or Highway 1). On the […]

Brookings – Seattle: Raccoons

We kept going north along the coast but our goal was more or less only to be in Seattle soon. We were a bit tired of cycling and needed a break.But till then, we still had to cycle a few hundert kilometers. But before we come to that, first something from before. The Avenue of the Giants (ally of the Redwoods) had ended and we cycled again through a pretty open landscape along the Eel river. We were enjoying the […]