Several blockages and a puncture later

After a few somehow turbulent days, we finally reached Villa Santa Lucia. What happend: Coyhaique – Villa Maniuales As already written, there are some social unrest in the Aysen Region. As part of this, some of the street gets blocked. Because of this, there is a shortage of fuel in the region. Fuel is here not only used for cars but also to produce electrical power. Therefore, it wasnt that much of a surprise, when there was a total blackout […]


After a bit more than 900km in total, I finally reached Coyhaique on Silvestre Eve. Tired but happy. After I have done the first part of my journey more or less by myself, I was happy to meet some other cyclists in Junta. Sonia, Carlos und Diego). However, we did not really drive together because everybody has its own speed at cycling and some are sometimes a bit slower till they have all their stuff together in the morning, like […]