Summary: Chile and Argentina

Already half a year has passed since I returned to Switzerland and I also have started working again. However, the journey is still pretty fresh in my mind and I’m therefor happy to look back. For making this text not too long, I will cut this summary into a few parts. First, we will return to South America. Carretera Austral and a lot moreThis journey started there, where my last one ended: In Santiago de Chile. From there, I drove […]

Michu - Carretera Austral

Done! :-)

Today, I finally made it to the top of the Volcano Villarrica. And we had great weather :-). Following a few impressions from the trip. View from the summit. On the left side the complettely with smoke filled crater. And then we slided down the slope on our butt. Tomorrow I will take the bus to Puerto Montt and really start biking. All the best from Villarrica, Stefan