Coyhaique-Santiago 2012

Following a list of all the accommodations I used. There are of course other ones available. SR means Single Room, DM Dorms, DR Double room and the prices are in Chilean Pesos or Argentinian Pesos (AR). A up to date summary Excel sheet can be found here.

CityAccomodation namePriceRoom typewifiRemarks
SantiagoHI Santiago9'000 CLPDMx
Puerto VarasCasa Margouya9'000 CLPDMx
CoyhaiqueHospedaje "La Porteña", Lautaro 6418'000 CLPSR-Avoid the room in the back yard!
CoyhaiqueHospedaje "Maria Ester", Lautaro 54412'000 CLPSRx
National Park Cerro Castillo, Laguna ChiguayCamping5'000 CLPsite-
Villa Cerro CastilloCamping "La Araucaria"2'500 CLPtent-
CoyhaiqueHospedaje "El Gaucho", Lautaro 432B10'000 CLPpersonxSome facilities are in bad condition, overprized
Villa ManiualesCasa de CiclistasfreeDMxJorge (the owner) doesn't charge but please offer him something little.
Near Piedra del GatoCamping on a farm2'500 CLPperson-Ask to use toilett
PuyuhuapiCasa Ludwig20'000 CLProomxVery nice and friendly place and great breakfast
Villa VanguardiaWild camping, nothing available---People were not very friendly. Better place a few km further towards Santa Lucia
Villa Santa LuciaCabaña30'000 CLPcabaña-Great place
Puerto CardenasHospedaje Lulu8'000 CLPperson-dinner/lunch available as well
ChaitenHosteria Ilanos10'000 CLPpersonx
Parque PumalinEl Vulcan Pumalin Camping5'000 CLPsite-no hot shower
Parque PumalinCaleta Gonzalo Camping??-no hot shower out of season
HornopirenHotel Holiday Hornopiren12'500 CLPperson in DRx
ContaoHospedaje in the first part of village6'000 CLPperson in DR-very friendly host
PueloHospedaje Elsita10'000 CLPperson including dinner in DM-great empanadas
CochamoHostal Maura12'000 CLPperson in DR-
PetrohueCamping conaf7'000 CLPsite-
EnsenadaHospedaje Ensenada12'000 CLPperson in DR-Very nice and friendly place and great breakfast
Entre LagosHospedaje Mela8'000 CLPperson, w/o breakfst in DR-not very friendly
Parque PuyuhueCamping Anticura7'000 CLPsitexoffer also expeditions
Siete Lagos (AR), Cross 231/234Camping Bellunese15 ARperson-out of season price
Lago FalknerCamping Lago Falkner30 ARperson-
San Martin de los AndesHostal Puma80 ARperson in DRx
Puerto FuyHospedaje San Giovanni15'000 CLProom-dinner possible
ConaripeHospedaje Calafquen7'000 CLPperson in DR-
VillarricaHostel La Torre Suiza, 8'500 CLPperson in DMx
CuncoHospedaje La Casona9'000 CLPperson in DR-
MelipeucoHostal Sendero Andes14'000 CLPperson in DRxgreat view on volcano Llaima
CuracautinHostal Epu Pewen8'000 CLPperson in DMxvery friendly and great breakfast
Rio ColoradoCabaña Rio Colorado30'000 CLPcabaña-
VilcunExternal room in Restaurant Llaima6'500 CLPperson-place extremely simple
TemucoTribuPiren12'000 CLPperson in DRxvery friendly
SantiagoHostal Don Santiago8'000 CLPperson in DMxsmall and friendly place
San Pedro de AtacamaHostelling International7'000 CLPperson in DMxcan be very loud because of party people