New Zealand 2012/13

Hot: Rotorua – Tongariro

Two weeks have passed again and I made it to Wellington already. Soon I will take the ferry to the South Island. So the North island is done for now. It was again a very interesting time (as you also can see in the length of this entry) but there is still a lot more to see. More will come maybe later :-). We will see. Hahei –  Whangamata After we stayed for another day in the hostel in Hahei […]

New Zealand: Auckland & Coromandel

Yes, I’m a wimp. When it was raining heavily the morning when I wanted to leave Hahei, I decided to stay for another night in the nice hostel. Also because the weather forecast for the rest of the day wasn’t really better. The good thing is: because of that, you get now  this blog entry, also if the English version is a bit delayed. It’s about the first few days in New Zealand and includes also a small adventure :-). […]