USA/Canada 2012

Hello Canada: Vancouver City & Island

After a last night in Seattle, we took the train to Vancouver. And this one was very comfortable and the best, it even had free Wifi. Only the speed wasn’t that great… However, we made it to Vancouver and after a bit lengthy immigration procedure, we also made it into town. Vancouver We only had around a day to spend in Vancouver and therefor decided to go to the Grouse Mountain. The journey with the cable car almost felt like […]

OMG: BC – Yellowstone – Helens

After we gave our bicycles to REI for maintenance and got out rental car (we booked the smallest one available but still got one which was by far too big for us…), we drove towards north. We got the tip (thank you Eric!), that the North Cascades are worth a visit. Because they were on the way to some relatives of Ines in British Columbia (BC) in Canada, we took the chance and it was worth it. But first we […]

Brookings – Seattle: Raccoons

We kept going north along the coast but our goal was more or less only to be in Seattle soon. We were a bit tired of cycling and needed a break.But till then, we still had to cycle a few hundert kilometers. But before we come to that, first something from before. The Avenue of the Giants (ally of the Redwoods) had ended and we cycled again through a pretty open landscape along the Eel river. We were enjoying the […]

San Francisco – Brookings: Redwoods

After San Francisco, we continued along the Pacific coast with destination Seattle. However, there was still the rest of California first. San Francisco – Bodega Bay – Mendocino After spending a few days in San Francisco, we crossed the almost 75 year old Golden Gate Bridge, which had it’s anniversary just a few days later. We weren’t the only tourist on this famous bridge of course but it was still great to cross it by bike. Our destination for the […]

San Francisco

In the mean time, we are cycling up the coast again and have reached Eureka. More about this later. Before we crossed the Central Valley a second time and visited San Francisco. Yosemite – Merced – Modesto – Hayward Because it didn’t work out with hitch hiking across Tioga pass, we took the bus back to Merced. I had pretty mixed feelings about this part in the other direction… We weren’t very happy to be back in Merced but looked […]

Monterey – Yosemite – San Francisco

The plan was to cross the Central Valley, to visit Yosemite, drive across the Tioga pass to Mono Lake and to enjoy the solar eclipse in the Reno region. But things got a bit changed… Monterey – Los Banos In Marina (shortly after Monterey), we visited the local REI store (you get here everything for outdoor activities) in search for a tent for Ines (so that we would have two tents and more space therefor) and a gas bottle for […]