NAVIMAG and the first full 80km

After a sunny day in Puerto Varas, I drove down to Puerto Montt to take the NAVIMAG ferry. I tried again to avoid the highway but without success. It seems to be a curse… However, the guy at the control in Puerto Montt even opened the barrier for me. So probably I wasn’t completely wrong…

At 10pm there was boarding and luckily my bike was accepted as normal luggage for the NAVIMAG ferry. So I didn’t have to pay extra which was great. The NAVIMAG ferry is mostly a cargo ferry for trucks. It took some time till everything was on board and we left Puerto Montagg around 6am instead of the planned 4am. Luckily I was sleeping till then also if it was pretty noisy

On Sunday we were crossing through the channel between Chile and the island of Chiloe. I had the choice between watching horror movies inside or enjoying the sun on deck. I didn’t have to think that long about what was better ;-). The sunbathing was only interrupted by lunch and dinner, which cost each 3’000 pesos extra. A fair price I would say. And as dessert a wonderful sunset was served followed by an impressive show of stars.

On Monday morning we arrived finally in Puerto Chacabuco at around 7am instead of the planned 4am. However, I didn’t mind at all. As the last entertainment part we had to search for bike. Finally it was found in one of the containers…

On the 80km to Coyhaique, which were partly wet (typical Weather in Patagonia), I meet two Germans, two Swiss and one French guy on bikes. Seems to be a bussy time for biking on the Carretera Austral!

Now I’m in Coyhaique and have to figure out where to meet my travel buddy Michu. He is still a few hundred kilometers south. You will read it here, of course :-).

All the best,


PS: Pictures will follow later. There are some nice ones :-).

Update: Pictures are added now. The best pictures of the journey can be found here in the gallery.

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