Chile/Argentina 2012

Hornopirén-Entre Lagos

This is the second version of an article which disappeared in the data nirvana on my smartphone. I hope it gets at least as good as the first one ;-). It was the plan to get by boat to Argentina after finishing the Carretera Austral. However, things got changed… Hornopirén-Contao After it rained again the whole night, Petrus luckily cared about us poor cycslists and stopped it in the morning and sent the sun. We stocked up our food and […]

Chaiten and Parque Pumalin

A lot happened since the last entry already again and we went further north. Villa Santa Lucia – Puerto Cardenas We had a hard time to leave our cabana; especiallly because it was very rainy and windy outside. But we finally left and made us on the way up the small pass. It got less windy but the rain got stronger. And our shoes slowely but surely got filled with water. On the way down again, I got cold as […]

Several blockages and a puncture later

After a few somehow turbulent days, we finally reached Villa Santa Lucia. What happend: Coyhaique – Villa Maniuales As already written, there are some social unrest in the Aysen Region. As part of this, some of the street gets blocked. Because of this, there is a shortage of fuel in the region. Fuel is here not only used for cars but also to produce electrical power. Therefore, it wasnt that much of a surprise, when there was a total blackout […]

Coyhaique – Villa Cerro Castillo – Coyhaique

Yes, I’m again in Coyhaique where I started a few days ago. But this not by error. It was actually planned :-). During the last few days I drove first to the Laguna Chiguay and from there on the next day further to Villa Cerro Castillo where I met Michu, my travel companion for hopefully the next few weeks. We stayed for a day in Villa Cerro Castillo before we drove back to Coyhaique via Laguna Chiguay. On the way […]

Patagonia sin represas – demonstration in Coyhaique

As you may know, there are plans to build many dams in the so far pristine Patagonia. Many people are against this project but the government Piñera is heading forward with it anyway. Tonight there was a small demonstration against this project in Coyhaique (see picture below). It weren’t a lot of people but they couldn’t be overheard. It’s not really a surprise that it weren’t that many. A lot of the inhabitants of the region are probably hoping that […]

NAVIMAG and the first full 80km

After a sunny day in Puerto Varas, I drove down to Puerto Montt to take the NAVIMAG ferry. I tried again to avoid the highway but without success. It seems to be a curse… However, the guy at the control in Puerto Montt even opened the barrier for me. So probably I wasn’t completely wrong… At 10pm there was boarding and luckily my bike was accepted as normal luggage for the NAVIMAG ferry. So I didn’t have to pay extra […]