Houston – Eagle has landed

30112009536 Or similar :-). After more than 16h of flying via Paris, Im finally arrived in Santiago. And luckily with me also all of the luggage. After putting together the Puzzle which is called bike, I finally started to drive towards Santiago. This was actually not that easy and again ended up on a highway. I just say “Sicily” for insiders… However, also the guy at the toll station didnt stop me. He just looked at me a bit puzzled and waved the arm to move forward… I finally left the highway on the next exit and a helpful guy at a pump station explained to me the correct path in Spanish. And I even got it with my still pretty limited Spanish :-).

However, Im in the Youth hostel in Santiago now and probly stay there till Wednesday before moving on. Probably by train to get a headstart without too much traffic and also without another highway incident…

All the best from Santiago de Chile,

About Stefan

I'm a telecommunication engineer by profession and like to discover the world by bike. I think, that it is the perfect speed to move but still be in touch with the world and the people which live there. And I'm very happy, that my wife Susanna is joining me now on those adventures. If you are interested in other journeys we did so far, please also check my website www.biketravel.net. Stefan, Switzerland

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