Bye, Bye South America, for now

After we arrived in Santiago, I wasn’t sure if I should go north to San Pedro de Atacama or if should go back South and hope on an eruption of volcano Llaima. However, because the volcano didn’t move at all, I decided to take the bus (23 hours) to the Atacama region. I planned initially to travel north from Santiago and I would have crossed this region on the way. This didn’t work out unfortunately but I now still got a chance to see some parts.

San Pedro de Atacama

This area is very touristic. Which means there are a lot of tourists (like El Chalten oder similar places). But it means also, that there are a lot of guided tours available, which is great if you are by public transport in the area. However, I’m not so much the type for guided tours and therefore only did the most important ones. Those were:

  • Valle de la Luna, Valle de la Muerte
  • Geyser Tatio
  • Laguna Chaxa, Lagunas Miscanti and Miñiques
  • and an astronomic Tour
The trips were good but I prefer to do them by bike :-). I didn’t do the big tour across the Salar Uyuni and further to Bolivia. I really want to do this one by bike and I want to be surprised because it’s the first time. So that means I have to get back. Who is coming with? 🙂

Keep going

After a bit more than a week in San Pedro, I took again the bus back to Santiago. I’m very happy that I could spend the last two days at the place of a Chilenien friend. Muchas Gracias, Mari a te y todo la familia! I hope that was more or less correct Spanish.

So that’s it from South America. At least for now. I really hope to get here again on this journey. It was fantastic.

But first I will go to the USA. The second part of my journey is waiting there. I’m looking forward to it and hope, that you will travel with me again. It would be great.

Hear you soon,


PS: Pictures from the San Pedro de Atacama region can be found in a separate album in the gallery. And yes, I completed all the older entries also in English. Enjoy!

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