Cycling home: From the Netherlands to Switzerland

After arriving on the old continent and having a short break, I continued together with Femke towards south. First across the Netherlands and Belgium, later through Germany and Luxembourg and finally through France back to Switzerland. That’s it. At least for the moment. Leiden NL: Break and arrival in Europe After a long time outside of Europe, I enjoyed a slow arrival and that I didn’t have to start cycling immediately. This thanks to the hospitality of Femke. It also […]

On the way home: Melbourne – Singapore – Amsterdam

After the side trip to Tasmania, I’m finally on my way back home. First by plane from Melbourne to Singapore before continuing to Amsterdam a few days later. Soon after I will be back on the road and start cycling across central Europe towards south and towards Switzerland. Melbourne After my return to Melbourne coming from Tasmania, I discovered the city a bit more with Julian (Thank you for everything!). Finally I had again to take apart my bicycle (the […]

Cycling Tasmania part 2: Hobart & West Coast

Together with Julian, I discovered Hobart for a few days. Afterwards I continued towards the west coast, further across the mountain region, up to Devonport and finally back to Melbourne by ferry. However, all that wasn’t as easy as it may sound… MONA and Mt. Wellington Our first destination was MONA – The Museum of Old and New Art –  the next morning. Probably the best known sight in Hobart. The MONA is situated at the northern edge of the […]

Cycling Tasmania part 1: Devonport – Hobart

Cycling Tasmania in winter, a good idea? I didn’t really know but wanted to try it. From Melbourne to Devonport by ferry and from there further by bicycle. That was the plan. However, sometimes plans don’t work out. Nevertheless it was well worth it… Melbourne – Devonport TAS by ferry You could of course fly to Tasmania. However, it’s always a bit of a hazel with a bike and I anyway fly already more than enough. Therefore I decided to […]

Australia part 1: Sydney

From New Zealand to Australia; from Auckland to Melbourne and from there further to Sydney and back. That was the program of the last two weeks and all of this without the bicycle. However, I will soon be back on the road. This time in Tasmania, in the south of Australia. Adventure Check-In
 After my return to Auckland, I had first to organize a cardboard box for my bicycle. This is normally not to complicated because new bikes get delivered […]

NZ by bicycle: Summary

Those four months, which i spent in New Zealand, are finally over and I’m already in Australia. However, I would like to look back a last time and also note one or the other thing which I learnt during this journey. Especially also for those, which would like to do a cycling trip in NZ themselves. As always are those conclusions very subjective. Impressions and conclusions New Zealand is famous for (cycling) tourism. Traveling is therefor pretty straight forward. I […]