By bicycle from Buenos Aires to Quito

After a few smaller trips, it’s finally time again to get on the road. And the best part is: My girlfriend Susanna will be joining:-). Together we will have around four months time. A lot is not yet fixed, except that we have a flight from Zurich (Switzerland) to Buenos Aires (Argentina) on the 29th of February and another end of June 2016 from Quito (Ecuador) to Milano (Italy). Therefor we have somehow to get to Quito (preferable by bike […]

Susanna und Stefan in der Provence (F)

Summary: Japan and Queensland (Australia)

Some time has already passed since my last update… However, I love to look back and travel again in my thoughts… Come with me, please. I’ve reached Alaska in September 2012 but it was too early for me to get back home already. Therefor, I kept going to the west to a country which I didn’t know that much about. Japan I’ve not been in a country that often, where I didn’t understand the language at all and also couldn’t […]


Summary: From Los Angeles till Alaska

After a great time in South America, I continued in North America. The infrastructure was definitely better but one or the other adventure was also waiting there. And for all this, we had around half a year. Pacific Coast Highway and Yosemite After my bicycle made it to LA as well, I continued with Ines, my travel companion on this part of the journey, towards north along the coast on the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway or Highway 1). On the […]

Summary: Chile and Argentina

Already half a year has passed since I returned to Switzerland and I also have started working again. However, the journey is still pretty fresh in my mind and I’m therefor happy to look back. For making this text not too long, I will cut this summary into a few parts. First, we will return to South America. Carretera Austral and a lot moreThis journey started there, where my last one ended: In Santiago de Chile. From there, I drove […]

Michu - Carretera Austral

Stefan & Mt. Ruapehu

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

It’s already a year since I posted the picture below, when I was cycling in New Zealand. However, the message is still true. Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year to all of you! Thank you for a great time :-). Stefan