It’s getting better again

First the bad news: I couldn’t take the ferry on Friday evening. But there is some good news too: after two days with only two pieces of white bread, two bananas, 2 litres of isotonic drinks and a half litre of orange juice, I’m doing better again. Not yet complettely healthy but at least can keep the food so far without having stomach ache… And this especially because of the appropriate medication and professional remote medicin :-).
Because I do not know where the problem was coming from, I’m pretty suspecious about the food in the hotel. I had dinner (including a salad, I know) there on Wednesday evening and breakfest (with open butter and jam) on Thursday morning. However, I could also easely have been the tap water or the dinner in Castro… I guess I have to pay even more attention in the future…
However, I’m planning to stay till Monday in Quellon to get more or less fit again and to take then the bus to Puerto Montt and from there the ferry to Chaiten. Otherwise, there would also be again a ferry from Quellon to Chaiten next Friday. However, I would like to avoid to stay here that long, if possible…
Neverthless, I would like to present you two pictures from the great landscape between Castro and Quellon. Just to show you, that not everything is bad here ­čśë

All the best from Quellon,

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I'm a telecommunication engineer by profession and like to discover the world by bike. I think, that it is the perfect speed to move but still be in touch with the world and the people which live there. And I'm very happy, that my wife Susanna is joining me now on those adventures. If you are interested in other journeys we did so far, please also check my website Stefan, Switzerland

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One thought on “It’s getting better again

  • Josef K├╝ttel

    Freut mich, dass es dir besser geht – man sieht es am Schreiben.

    Apropos Dchfall: soviel wie unten raus geht, soviel muss oben rein plus die Tagesration von ca 1 – 1.5L Fl├╝ssigkeit (dazu zahlt auch das Wasser in den Bananen). Auch Salz! Die “Darmpumpe” nimmt das Wasser auf,wenn sie kann und braucht Traubenzucker als Brennstoff.

    Liebe Gr├╝sse