Torres del Paine

After I ended up kind of surprisingly in Puerto Natales I had to decide what is next. And the winner is, of course Torres del Paine. I took the bus to there on Saturday afternoon and arrived in the park around 17.30. Just on time for another shower and storm intermezzo but with still enough time to get to the Campamento Torres. I arrived there around 21.30 and put up my tent on the probably second last spot…
After a short night I woke up at around 5 because I was planning on going to see the Torres at sunrise. However, at that time, strong winds and rain were battling my tent and I therefore decided to wait. At 6, I tried it again and left the forest where the campsite is in. I saw a nice rainbow, however the Torres were completely covered by clouds. So back to the sleeping bag.
When I woke up the next time at 9, it had completely changed: Blue sky. I moved on and after around 45 minutes, I reached the Mirador Torres and the Torres were standing there in the completely blue sky.
Los Torres in Torres del PaineTorres in Torres del PaineTorres in Torres del PaineTorres del PaineCampamento Torres in Torres del Paine

Already on the way up to the Mirador, I had some stomach ache. However, I thought that this is only because I ate only chocolate and cereal bars since yesterday. I decided to go back to the campsite, put together the tent and to move on to the Refugio Chileno to get some food there. Already the way to the Refugio took me much longer than the day before; I just wasn’t fit anymore. When I finally reached the Refugio, I could only get some bread, an apple and a can of tuna for 6’500 Pesos. I anyway took it. However, after the first few bites of my Tuna Sandwich, I ended up on the toilett. And this for a longer time. It definitely looked like a second round of my stomach issues. And what this meant was also clear: I had to get back to Puerto Natales.

I’m not going into the details but the way down to the bus was very hard and took me more than double the amount of time as the way up… However, somehow I managed it and was lucky to get the bus back to Puerto Natales.

And now I’m there again and working on getting my stomach setup again. Luckily, I have already some experience with that ;-). I’m already feeling better but till I’m able to cycle again, it will take some time. Worst case I have to get the bus to Punta Arenas. We will see.

All the best from Puerto Natales,

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I'm a telecommunication engineer by profession and like to discover the world by bike. I think, that it is the perfect speed to move but still be in touch with the world and the people which live there. And I'm very happy, that my wife Susanna is joining me now on those adventures. If you are interested in other journeys we did so far, please also check my website Stefan, Switzerland

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8 thoughts on “Torres del Paine

  • Stefan Kuettel Post author

    Danke Ursi!
    Das etwas frustrierende ist, dass ich extra schon lange kein unbehandeltes Hahnenwasser mehr trinke. Höchstens noch zum Zähneputzen. Andere trinken das aber alles unbehandelt. Sprich, ich habe keine Ahnung was es diesmal war… Ich hoffe nur, das es das letzte Mal ist.

  • Mäsi

    Wow, tolle Bilder! Schön, dass man dich auch mal auf einem Bildli sieht 🙂

    Hoffe, dass dein Magen bald wieder in Ordnung ist und die bösen Bakterien sich ab jetzt andere Wirte suchen!

    Gruss und gute Besserung


  • rolf

    ciao stefan,

    So ein Pech, da schleppst Du den schweren Rucksack in den Park, und musst alsbald wegen Magenproblemen wieder umkehren!!
    Hoffe Du bist bald wieder fit, dass Du den Witterungsverhältnissen wieder die Stirn bieten kannst!
    Wir können gerne gegen Ostern (wenn Du wieder zurück bist) eine gemütliche Velotour unternehmen, aber nur bei schönem Wetter, ohne Gepäck und Gegenwind :-))

    gruss rolf

  • Stefan Kuettel Post author

    Hoi Rolf,
    Ja, das war wirklich etwas Pech :-(. Aber man kann es sich halt nicht aussuchen… Das mit der Velotour können wir gerne mal machen 🙂
    Eigentlich wollte ich heute Mittwoch weiter. Es regnet aber mal wieder und ich fühle mich noch nicht genug fit auch noch mit Wind, Regen und Kälte fertig zu werden.
    Morgen Donnerstag werde ich aber wohl so oder so fahren. Wahrscheinlich mit viel Wind, wenn der Wetterbericht korrekt ist. Heute war er es bis jetzt nicht…

    En Gruess,